Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 17, 2012

#26 - Join (or start) a mommy/child group

Some of you may remember that when I turned 28 I made this 30 before 30 list which comprised of some things I would like to do before I turn 30. Some of them were realistic (#13 - Make and drink a pomegranate martini - I mean, come on it was super easy and tasty) and others not so much (#1 - Run a 5K - not sure how I can manage that with my knees). I have been whittling away at these 30 tasks very S.L.O.W.L.Y. Now the big three-oh is looming a mere 8 months away and I have a whopping 22 more tasks to complete (I have not blogged about 2 of the completed tasks in case you are keeping track). That means I need to complete roughly 2.75 tasks per month. :) oh buddy!

This leads me to tell you about #26 - Join (or start) a mommy/child group. Shortly after we moved to Fairfield, I began my search to see if I could join an existing moms group or if I would have to create one. My sister-in-laws have both been active in various MOPS groups, I have sorority sisters who talk about watch mommy run groups, and Stroller Strides is big in the south but not so much here so I wasn't sure what I might find. When I started my search I stumbled upon something that has become near and very dear to my heart - the MOMS Club of Fairfield. I had never heard of MOMS, which is short for Moms Offering Moms Support, but I am so glad I have found them. They have playgroups, moms nights out, meetups at the park, a cooking club, a book club, and they are all close in proximity to me!! I was kind of nervous to go to the events at first because they all knew each other so well and I felt like the new kid on the block but now I fit right in and love meeting new members and hanging out with those who have been in the club for a long time. Another thing that is great about being in the group is Lucas having the opportunity to interact with other kids. He loves all the commotion and going new places. Those naps after a MOMS get together are made up of a deeper kind of sleep ;-)

The above picture is from our Christmas party and below are from when we went to Ross's office for Children's Dental Health Month. So awesome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Another Day at the Park...

...Or so we thought! We took Lucas to a really awesome park a few weeks ago that had a play ground that would be the object of many a child's dream come true. Unfortunately not for Lucas. He was having a grand old time playing on the smaller side of the play set when I decided to take him to the big kid section - did you ever notice they usually have a "small child" side and "big child" side of a playground? I had noticed this many times at parks I used to take my little sister to and now that I have taken Lucas; but it never really dawned on me how important this feature can be. They usually design the play equipment to have some sort of obstacle that only the more developed gross motor skills can achieve. I should mention that I have been to a park that didn't really have an obstacle preventing the little ones from getting to the big kid section and it scared me when I saw Lucas about 1.5 stories up with a free fall right at his arms length (a fire engine pole to slide down for the big kids looks like certain death for a 20 month old).

I should take a side note to say that I had recently taken Lucas to the dr. for a well baby checkup and discussed at length how I think Lucas seems a little behind in his gross motor skill development. She agreed that he may be behind but that she attributes it to his cautious nature. He really does sit back and take it all in before he joins any party and maybe this is a good thing. I had just always heard "once they walk, it won't be for long because then they run and never look back." But Lucas has been walking for 6 months now and still does not run, has a hard time going up hills or managing ground texture changes, he doesn't pull himself up onto furniture or attempt stairs standing up. I enrolled him in a kids gym class when we went to the park...

So, I was feeling like Lucas just needed a little guidance to help him overcome the gross motor skill development obstacle and then he could go down the really awesome and big slides on the other side of the play set. And when we got up there, he was scared. I didn't know what to do - I didn't feel confident to hold him and go backwards through the obstacle (maybe I need to work on my gross motor skills) and I couldn't convince him to go down the slide on his own. What I decided to do I will wish forever that I hadn't done. I put him on my lap and went down the slide. 1/3 of the way down the slide turned to the right, his leg popped over my thigh and got wedged between my leg and the slide. 2/3 of the way down the slide turned to the left, and his leg broke. The sound of his screaming still brings tears to my eyes when I remember it.

The dr.s say this happens all the time when the weather is warm and as soon as I told our friends and family people started coming out of the woodwork about how they knew someone who this happened to or they read some article just last week about how common this injury is at this age. While all of these reassurances have helped me get through this guilty feeling they do not take away the memory of that scream and the knowledge that I caused it.

The good news is he has mastered the gimp walk and has been sleeping normally. He is still super cute and I have learned that children really know their limits and deserve to have that respected.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Choo Choo!

 For Christmas Lucas got this super cute train set which included a train track and 4 cars (Lizzie destroyed the engine almost immediately). He pretty much ignored this fabulous toy until recently when he became OBSESSED with all things train. The first words out of his mouth in the morning are "choo choo!!" and he says them nonstop all day long. Sometimes I make the mistake of singing the Thomas theme song at the wrong time because when he hears it he points to the tv and says "choo choo" willing it to magically turn on and play Thomas. I find myself wondering if it is normal for kids to have an obsession at this age. It has to be. Or it is just his normal :)

Lucas is lucky to have chosen an obsession that apparently is common in this area of the country. Model train construction/maintenace seems to be a pretty popular hobby because there are several "seasonal displays", museums with train areas, and childrens play centers devoted to trains. Ross and I even saw a model in the basement of an open house. Below are some pictures of Lucas at Entertrainment Junction - one such childrens play center/model train display that we took him to recently.

Notice the gigantic sock on Lucas's left foot? Yeah, he might have a broken leg. I'll update after his orthopedic appointment tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long Time Gone!

Well...I know I have been a major slacker when it comes to the blogging realm and I am now prepared to start back up again. Suffice it to say that I have been struggling to keep my depression at bay and with the help of my family, friends, and this wonderful new group of ladies I have been hanging out with (the MOM's Club of Fairfield), I think I am once again back to where I need to be mentally. I hate that I have this chemical imbalance that can sneak up on me at any is a terribly scary thing that I often don't realize is bad until I am so deep into it I can't get out of bed or I find myself at the end of the tunnel and realize, "holy bajoly...where have I been?!?!? I was there again!?!?!!!??!"

So, now I am back and will get back to my 30 before 30, my product reviews, and general commentary of life in the Gille household.

Lucas got this adorable Buckeye outfit at Christmas from NanaGarry's retirement party!My stylish sweater dress - every season deserves one splurge item, right?Lucas with Uncle SteveI turned 29!! And yes...I still like Funfetti cake with Carnival icing in cupcake form :)Lucas is eating larger pieces and is learning to take bites of things. He love peanut butter right now so we are at a stalemate of food introduction and creativityLucas is working more on his gross motor skills by climbing into things (although I think he is a little behind because he doesn't pull himself up onto things or run)Lucas laughing during his Easter egg huntDying easter eggs with Koolaid

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lucas has finally decided to explore the vertical mode of transporting himself around...WALKING! He took his first two hesitant steps the same day that OSU lost to M*ch*g*n which made that loss not as bad as it could have been. It turns out that Lucas is walking and Michigan still sucks :)

I wish I could say that Lucas is a walker (or runner) since it has been two and half weeks since these first hesitant steps; unfortunately, this is not the case. It almost seems like he has not figured out the benefits of walking other than getting smiles and exclamations from his parents. And you know what? He is an expert cruiser/crawler/scooter so maybe that is contributing to his late walking. Here are a few videos of him walking...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

It is that time of year again...time for the smell of fir trees and cookies, listening to carols and celebrating the birth of Jesus. We had a beautiful day (in the midst of rain, rain, and more rain) available to go pick out a tree at the tree farm in Ross, Ohio. I remember going to the tree farm when I was little. It was always such a special event in my family and seemed to kick the season off right. One year we had terrible weather - I think there was a foot of snow on the ground and my dad had to dig out the tree before cutting it down! I'm sure Lucas won't remember this particular tree picking event but I hope this tradition is one he will come to treasure like his mother.

While we are talking about trees...I feel the need to tell you about the dilemma of decorating it with a baby and two ornery dogs. First off, you can't put any ornaments that are glass or will easily break toward the bottom. Second, anything that is round and looks like a ball must be out of the standard poodle's reach (last year he kept thinking they were toys dangling there for him to take!). Third, heavy ornaments must be at the top on the thick branches. So, you end up with a lot of ornaments at the top. Geez. So, if you are someone who likes to gift ornaments to others, keep in mind their household makeup before purchasing - a thought I never had until this year :)

In the field with Daddy and Bompa

Sooo Pretty!

Our tree!

The trees loaded up and ready to go...doesn't that barn just inspire you to be a photographer? It is so rustic :)

Lucas's first glance of the decorated tree - We decided to decorate during his nap so he awoke to a different tree in the living room

It didn't take long for him to find his "First Christmas" ornament. It is a wooden figurine of a little baby boy and was sent to us from his great aunt in Germany

The tree

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cincinnati Children's visit

It is official! Lucas had a successful visit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital :) The final results from his bloodwork this time showed no elevated liver enzymes and completely NORMAL organ function! Yay!! We have follow-up bloodwork in 6 months but other than that he is good to do more important sit in his toy bin :)

I must take a moment to reflect on the miracle of life. It will never cease to amaze me how precious the gift of life truly is. There are potential roadblocks and trials beginning at conception, continuing through pregnancy, and then lasting throughout life. At this moment I have either close friends or chance meetings with strangers that have revealed this truth. I pray for strength for those Mommies and Mommies-to-be every day and hope they feel my support.